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Cinerama Slot


Cinerama Slots is a Progressive Multiline Online Slot Machine. It offers five reels and five paylines. The coin size for the game is set at five cents with a five coin per spin max bet. The highest payout for this game is dependent on the current Progressive Jackpot total, and the second highest payout is 10,000 coins! Cinerama Slots is a Progressive Jackpot game, and it offers a wild symbol, a scatter symbol and two very fun Bonus Rounds.

# of Symbols 5 4 3 2
Wild (Max Bet) Jackpot N/A N/A N/A
Wild (less than Max Bet) 10,000 1,000 25 N/A
Script Book 1,000 300 60 10
Take One 800 250 50 10
Reel 600 200 40 5
Megaphone 500 150 30 4
Film Strip 400 125 30 4
Star 300 100 20 N/A
Spot Light 200 70 20 N/A
Microphone 100 25 10 N/A

To win the Progressive Jackpot for this great game, all you have to do is to hit five of the Wild Symbols while betting the max per spin bet! If you can do that, you will win the amount shown on the Progressive Jackpot runner at the time of your win.

Cinerama Slot

The two symbols shown on the reels that weren’t mentioned in the payout table, the Headphone and the Director, are Bonus Symbols and though you don’t win any credits for getting those on any of the paylines, you do get to go to the bonus round. When you get the Headphone anywhere on the first payline, this triggers the first Bonus Round offered by the game. In the first Bonus Round you’ll be taken to a new screen with several movies listed, pick your favorite and reveal your random bonus prize amount. To get into Bonus Round two, when you line up 3 Directors on any active payline, you will be taken to the Bonus Round two screen where you will be asked to choose the cast of the movie, you win a bonus prize according to the cast you selected.

Finally, the Wild Symbol (also the jackpot trigger) is the movie camera. This symbol will replace any symbol on the reels, with the exception of the Bonus symbols, in order to complete a winning combination. This fantastic Playtech software game will provide hours and hours of fun for all who play this great online slot machine.