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Goblin’s Cave Slot


Goblin’s Cave Slots is a Multi-Spin, Bonus Round Online Slot Machine. It offers three reels and three pay lines with a Hold feature that allows you to hold symbols after your first spin to apply them to the second of two spins, optimizing your winning potential. The coin sizes for this online slot machine are One Cent, Five Cents, Ten Cents, Twenty-Five Cents, Fifty Cents, One Dollar, Two Dollars and Five Dollars. The game has a five coin per spin max bet. The Jackpot in Goblin’s Cave is 150 Coins and the secondary Jackpot is 125 coins. This is not a Progressive Jackpot game, it does not offer Scatter Symbols, and it doesn’t have a Gamble Feature. However, Goblin’s Cave does have a Wild/2x Multiplier Symbol and a Bonus Round.

Symbols Payout
3 “Wild” Gems 150
3 Red Crowns 125
3 Purple Crowns 100
3 Green Crowns 75
Any 3 Crowns 20
3 Red Jars 50
3 Jars w/Blue Stripe 35
3 Green Handled Jars 20
Any 3 Jugs 5
3 Red Rings 15
3 Purple Rings 10
3 Green Rings 5
Any 3 Rings 2
2 “Wild” Gems 5
1 “Wild” Gem 5
3 Gold Coins 1
3 Lanterns BONUS GAME

To win the Jackpot in Goblin’s Cave, which, if you are using $5.00 coins and betting max bet, equals $3,750; all you have to do is to hit three of the “Wild” Gem Symbols. An added bonus is that if you hit the three “Wild” Gems on the first of the two spins, you win the jackpot three times!

Goblin’s Cave Slot

The “Wild” Gem has two other functions in the game other than being the Jackpot Trigger. As implied by its name, it does serve as the game’s Wild Symbol, and will replace any symbols on the reels (yes, even the bonus trigger) to complete a winning combination. It is also a Multiplier Symbol and will double the win of any combination that it completes (with the exception of the jackpot).

Goblin’s Cave also features a Bonus Round. To trigger this bonus round, you must hit three Lantern Symbols. When you do this, you will be sent to the Bonus Round Screen, where you will be given the opportunity to pick one, two or three chests (depending on the number of rows on which you hit three lanterns) for a random amount of coins. This is a wonderful Playtech Multi-Spin Online Slot Machine, that you will be sure to enjoy!