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Gold Rally Slot


Gold Rally Slots is a Progressive, Multiline Online Slot Machine. It offers nine reels and eight pay lines. The coin sizes for Gold Rally Slots is set at two dollars and it has a max per spin bet of eight coins. The jackpot for the game is dependent on the value of the Progressive Jackpot at the time of the win, and the second highest payout is 500 coins. Gold Rally Slots is a Progressive Jackpot Game, it has Scatter Symbols with several opportunities to win, and it has a bonus round feature. The game does not, however have a Wild Symbol.

3 GR Symbols 500
3 Horseshoes 200
3 Pickaxes 100
3 Lanterns 75
3 Guns 50
3 Mine Carts 40
3 Bags of Gold 30
3 Scales 20
3 Bundles of Dynamite 10
2 Horseshoes 10
1 Horseshoe 2
Dynamite in All 4 Corners Bonus Round

Scatter Symbols Scales
9x Jackpot
8x 200
7x 50
6x 10
5x 5

Gold Rally SlotNow that the basics are covered, you should know how exactly to win the Progressive Jackpot for this game. Gold Rally Slots is a bit different from most other games, in that to win the Progressive Jackpot, you must hit 9 Scatter Symbols (the Scales) in one round while betting the max bet. This really does add a bit of uniqueness to this already fun game.

Also, as we mentioned above, Gold Rally Slots also has a Bonus Round. When you hit the Dynamite Symbols in all 4 corners of the game, you are entered into the Bonus Round where you simply follow the on screen instructions and your prize will depend on the choice that you make.

Next on the list of features for Gold Rally Slots is the Scales Symbol. The Scales Symbol is the game’s Scatter Symbol (as well as jackpot trigger). When you hit anywhere from 5 to 9 of the Scale Symbols anywhere on the screen, you are paid according to the above Scatter Table on the paytable. The scatter symbols need not appear in any particular order or on any particular payline, they can be anywhere on the reels and still payout.

Gold Rally Slots is a great Playtech game that you will be sure to enjoy, especially if you are a fan of either Progressive games or Multiline games with lots of features, including excellent graphics and sound effects.