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Red Planet Slot

Red Planet Slot

Red Planet Slots is a Multi-Line Online Slot Machine that comes from the creative minds at Cryptologic Software. It has a great Space theme game that offers Three Reels and Five Paylines with a Five Coin per spin max bet. This online slot machine has been made to be easily affordable for players with all sizes of bank rolls not only because of its Five Coin max bet, but also because of its many coin sizes. The coin sizes available with this incredible online slot machine are One Cent, Five Cents, Ten Cents, Twenty-Five Cents, One Dollar, Two Dollars and Five Dollars. Red Planet Slots offers an Eight Thousand Coin Jackpot with a Secondary Jackpot of Five Thousand Coins. This is not a Progressive Jackpot Game, it does not offer a Wild symbol, it does not offer a Scatter Symbol, it does not offer a Multiplier, it does not offer a Bonus Round and it does not offer a Gamble Feature. The paytable below will show all the winning combinations offered and the payouts for each of those winning combinations.

Symbol Payout
3 Red Planets (max bet) 8000
3 Red Planets (any other bet) 5000
3 Aliens 200
3 Planet Rovers 80
3 Earths 50
3 Rockets 20
3 UFOs 10
Any Two Planet Rovers 6
Any One Planet Rover 2

In order to win the Eight Thousand Coin Jackpot for Red Planet Slots, there are two things that you need to do. The first, and most important, is that you need to make sure that you are making the max 5 coin per spin bet each time you play and the second thing that you need to do to win the Eight Thousand Coin Jackpot is to hit 3 of the Red Planet Symbols. If you can do that, then that amazing jackpot is all yours for the taking!

The Red Planet Slots Multi Line Online Slot Machine is an unbelievable Cryptologic innovation that has fantastic sound effects and unbeatable graphics that include Red Planets, Aliens, Planet Rovers, Earths Rockets and UFOs, that all really get you into the great Space theme of the online slot machine. Red Planet Slots appeals to the kid in all of us that always wanted to explore the depths of the unknown that we call outer space with all the magnificently though out graphics and the overall play of this great online slot machine.